Monday, February 14, 2011

Start of the hearse

Based primarily on a 1959 Cadillac with some of my own touches.

I first started with reference pictures and then created my own wire frame around it. There is a lot of information I don't have by modeling from just these 2 images. I also don't have the actual car to check out. So creating the wire frame helps me see what to model in areas I cant see in the photos. For instance the area behind the fins and the rear door. I also went ahead and outlined the doors and windows. This was an extra step before even creating the polygons but it helped greatly.

I can already see exactly how this model is going to look in size and proportion.

I then began skinning the wire frame. I just began with a single flat plane and began extruding and dividing polygons. I'm only modeling half of the hearse because later I can mirror the geometry.

After many hours and a few weeks of on an off work it's starting to shape up.

So here it is now with the one side mirrored over. I'm pretty happy with it. Just a few more things to tweak. I have to finish the wheels, model the grill, and finish those classic bullet tail lights. As soon as that is finished I can begin the interior. The interior will be more of my interpretation. I have photos but I'm not going to go to crazy with the detail. Just the essentials.

In the 3d program this car will almost be a character itself. I plan on rigging the car for suspension, steering, and I have a great script for making the wheels roll. I can even set up a function for opening and closing the doors.

To be continued...

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