Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hearse Update: Renders

The hearse is near completion as far as modeling is concerned. These quick renders really give me the boost I need to keep on moving. The interior was killing me as far as blending the outer body of the hearse with the interior and chrome trim around the windows. It was tedious lining up the geometry without seeing any seams at any angle.

I gotta say the grill is my favorite part of this whole car. I like it better than the real GM design! Its a combination between the '59 Caddy headlights and trim, with '53 Buick waterfall teeth and bumper. The results give this car so much more attitude and almost makes it a character in itself.

The rear is pretty much like the like '59 Caddy. The geometry on the inside of the fins around the bullet lights was also a challenge but came out great.

More to come...


  1. I cannot wait for you to finish this. Pretty cool seeing how it's done though.
    OK, back to work.