Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Im still here!

Hey gang, its been a long time since any updates. I took about a month off from working on the animation to catch up on other things. But now I'm back and will start updating regularly.

As of now I'm rigging all the characters to get that out of the way. It's certainly been a challenge because I'm not the greatest at rigging and these are not your traditional cartoony characters. Bones on skeletons are not suppose to squash like muscles so I cant use traditional means of rigging and binding.

For those that don't know, once a character is modeled you need to make the system of bones (just like any other human or animal in real life) to make them move, and this is called "rigging." Then you need to bind the rig to the "skin" of the character. Then the tedious work of "painting weights" starts to make the skin, cloth, whatever it is to distort or flex properly. It's the perfect formula for a migraine.

In other news....

The contest bikes are about halfway finished. I will be posting updates and screen shots from the progress.

The scenery modeling will start once the contest bikes are completed.

So stay tuned!

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