Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midterm Next Week

Here is a sneak peek of another test render of whats to come. Many things have been refined and more "hand made" textures, as I like to call them, have been applied. I really want the animation to closely resemble my storyboard panels. I was unsure at first but the paper and colored pencil shading is working really well. It allows the vehicles and characters to really stand out in their environment.

Some obvious things are still being worked on, like where the road and grass join together, the beams of the headlights need to be softened and maybe more of a reflection on the body of the hearse.

Ive also been reworking the story, the choreography of the chase scene, and a few other things and its really starting to make this a tight animation.

My midterm presentation of my work is next week. Lots to do between now and next Tuesday. Stay tuned for more!

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