Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got Some Big News!!!

It's been quite some time since anything has been posted here! I said in my last post The Requiem Ride was finished and you're probably wondering where is it!? So my excuse is, it was an extremely busy summer and it just felt appropriate to release the animation around Halloween! So this week The Requiem Ride will uploaded online for your viewing pleasure.

However, the biggest news of all is the dvds are being made and they are free. Yes FREE! Just to avoid any legal issues, copyrights, whatever, I'm making the dvds free. If you want to make a donation to the website, I'll be putting up a paypal link on the side bar. (It can be any amount, you dont even have to make one, it just helps with the costs of the site, discs, printing etc.) I'll be making a limited number of discs so reserve yours now by emailing me at Thanks for your patients and hope you didn't forget about the animation! I'm so stoked to finally be releasing The Requiem Ride. Stay tuned!

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